Our specialties (Extras)


The famous swings of the Adamo brand are also present in our nursery, because we are convinced that besides the pleasure of the game, safety is just as important. It is important to us to equip our playing rooms with high quality games that promote the good development of the child, and encourage him in his motor skills. The swings ensure a good seat and the children love it.

CSEPPHINTA – cocoon swing

The group of little ones upstairs has an indoor cocoon swing for their greatest pleasure. Children will learn to take support and climb on a flexible and moving support. They can place their toys, dolls and stuffed animals there, hide there, rest, swing, develop a good sense of balance, discover pleasant sensations of movement while putting their vestibular system to work.

The award for the establishment of the year – 2022

We are extremely proud to have won the Institution of the Year 2022 award in the category: education. These prizes have been awarded based on the opinions of parents, which is the best reward for us.