Our extras

Safety in the garden

It is important to us that children play safely, so we have installed parasols and shade sails to protect their sensitive skin from the sun during the hot summer time.

So that mum also wants to come to the nursery.

When you enter the nursery, you can smell a pleasant smell in the hallway: it is the perfume of a Hungarian perfumer Zsolt Zólyomi, which reminds us of the scent of freshly washed laundry. The mothers of the nursery are delighted with it and they find the idea excellent.

Our croocus storage baskets

We want to acquire the highest quality items possible when it comes to the interior design of our nursery, which was also the case for our toy and clothes storage baskets. they are not only beautiful and very soft but are also made of ecological fabric. This was very important to us when we planned the layout of the rooms in our nursery.

Essential oil diffusers for a soothing rest

In autumn and winter, in agreement with the parents, we diffuse essential oils during your child’s nap, which has a soothing effect on the nervous system of children. Our essential oils are controlled and certified one hundred percent pure, natural and without preservatives.
Most often we diffuse natural aromas of lemon, lemon balm, but we also like orange and eucalyptus


With us, the afternoon nap is quite special: before going to sleep, the children can feel themselves under the starry sky, which has a proven calming effect on their nervous system.

“As they alternate their gaze looking up, the space almost opens up in front of them, they see it as the sky, and this relaxes and frees their thoughts.” – Dr. Anikó Nagy (chief director, chief physician – Heim Pál Children’s Hospital)

The beautiful, hand-painted, luminous stars on the ceiling were provided by https://zenaart.hu

Our Montessori games and objects

In our nursery you can find many Montessori games and accessories. Maria Montessori’s famous motto was: “teach me and help me to do alone”. Our nursery has several wooden play structures that encourage motor skills and help the child in his motor development. We also have games promoting the development of fine motor skills such as a wooden shoe to learn how to tie shoelaces. (Toy used by the preschool group).


The famous swings of the Adamo brand are also present in our nursery, because we are convinced that besides the pleasure of the game, safety is just as important. It is important to us to equip our playing rooms with high quality games that promote the good development of the child, and encourage him in his motor skills. The swings ensure a good seat and the children love it.

CSEPPHINTA – cocoon swing

The group of little ones upstairs has an indoor cocoon swing for their greatest pleasure. Children will learn to take support and climb on a flexible and moving support. They can place their toys, dolls and stuffed animals there, hide there, rest, swing, develop a good sense of balance, discover pleasant sensations of movement while putting their vestibular system to work.

The award for the establishment of the year – 2022

We are extremely proud to have won the Institution of the Year 2022 award in the category: education. These prizes have been awarded based on the opinions of parents, which is the best reward for us.

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In addition to the fact that our colleagues are qualified early childhood educators, we consider it important that they learn all the ins and outs of the Baby First Aid course. Theory is not enough for us: we insist that our team practice CPR, respiratory foreign body removal, and the important things to do in case of various accidents (allergies, insect bites, etc.) in the nursery, in the special training organized for us. After the studies and a successful exam, everyone gets a certificate.