Settling in

Dear Parents, the next milestone in your life has come: enrolling your child in our family daycare centre. As parents we all know that the separation itself is often more difficult than settling into a nursery. That’s why we do it gradually, together with the parents. This way, you can be sure that your child will be in a good place, cared for by loving hands and hearts throughout the day, and that your child will settle each day more and more into the new environment.

During the settling in process we take the needs of the child into consideration, that’s why the settling-in period varies.

It largely depends on the child’s personality and social skills, and many other things that our qualified staff take into account to make the process run smoothly.

At the beginning of the settling-in period, your child will spend a few hours with you in the nursery, playing together, getting to know the teachers and the environment. The first two days you will only spend an hour or two together, and on the third day we will ask the accompanying parent to leave the child with us for an hour and come back after lunch. The fourth and fifth days are similar to the third, and in the second week we try to make the child sleep here.

For children who, due to their age, sleep more than once a day, we can provide a separate sleeping room.

The length of the settling-in period is based on the child’s needs, the caregivers’ observations and the experience with the parents – there have been several cases where children have stayed with us for a while on the first or second day, without requiring the active presence of parents.

Our qualified early childhood educators and kindergarten teachers will help your child to settle in easily.