BabyGarden Daycare is more than just a private daycare:
it’s a fun, family-like community where children can enjoy a colorful programme every day. Our quality programmes are tailored to the age-specific needs of the children, balancing free play with a variety of optional activities.

Optional programmes

1. Pony riding

Our riding instructor, Alexandra Bihari, is a multiple world champion, prize-winning jockey who visits our institution every week with her faithful friends Tündi and Teca to bring a smile to the children’s faces. Tündi és Teca are mini ponies to be petted, fed and cared for, but the little ones have also braided flowers into they mane and made them a unicorn headband as well. The bravest ones even get on them back every now and then to experience the thrill of the ride. Szandi motivates the children with playful exercises and nursery rhymes, and to our pride, many of them can now ride bareback, single-handed and even sitting reversed. The animal-assisted sessions have an impact on children’s sense of balance, development of large motor skills and spatial orientation, as well as their emotional world.

2. Toppantó music class with Andi

Playing is the primary source of joy for children and, at the same time, the best learning method for them due to their age-specific characteristics. Through play, they discover, imitate, copy, practise and build logical processes, develop social relationships, cooperative and social skills and social interaction. At the same time, movement as a basic activity plays an important role in their lives.
And last but not least, they learn about our culture, as folk songs, folk games, nursery rhymes and holidays are all part of our identity.
The Toppantó music classes meet the children’s age-specific needs, while at the same time help them develop through folk music, nursery rhymes and folk songs. During the Toppantó music classes everyone can try out musical instruments and show off their singing and dancing skills.

3. Conductive “Tipegő” gymnastics with Andi

The Pető method is a method of conductive special education, which develops the ability to move based on the body’s self-regeneration. The method was developed by András Pető, a special education teacher. The basic idea behind his unique method of treatment was that, despite possible damage, our nervous system has reserves, the potential to build new connections, and that these can be mobilised by properly guiding the learning and teaching process. This is why he called his method “conductive”, a Latin term meaning “to lead”. It is a specially integrated education system, based on learning, which focuses on the development of a multi-faceted and complex personality.
At the daycare centre, the children can do gymnastics with Zsófi every Monday morning, but there is also the possibility to have individual conductive gymnastics sessions.

Kutyaterápiás foglalkozások

5. Dog therapy

Lujzi is a Breton spaniel, of medium height, warm brown eyes, silky hair, very nice dog who loves to run and play with a ball. He also likes to be petted: he happily snuggles up to everyone.

The presence of animals and cooperation with them bring many positive experiences to children. Meeting a dog provides an emotional boost. The dog therapy session also has a good effect on cognitive functions and provides motivation for movement.

In the past school year, we held regular weekly sessions in several kindergartens and nurseries, and we also dealt with young people with multiple disabilities.