Pyjama parties

Babygarden nightcare pyjama parties

Every month there is a weekend that is always looked forward to by the parents who come to us – because then the children can take part in a super pyjama party with us!

On Friday morning, they arrive at the Daycare as usual, and in the afternoon they don’t go home, but stay at BabyGarden for the overnight sleepover party!
On these super evenings we have dinner together, have a slide show, eat some popcorn and even dance. In the evening, they sleep in their usual nursery bed, where they also spend the afternoon resting.

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can finally go on a date, have dinner, or even enjoy a spa, and on Saturday it’s enough to arrive at 10 am for the little ones. The big advantage is that you don’t have to stare at the babysitter at home, you don’t have to get home “on time”, and that the children can spend a great evening with their usual friends in the environment they love anyway.