About us

The BabyGarden Daycare is located in the heart of Buda, in a quiet residential area, and welcomes children from the age of 6 months. The 250 sqm villa is a true “children’s paradise”, designed for the needs of babies and children, with its own garden and baby terrace.

In our family-style private nursery qualified caregivers and preschool teachers lovingly look after children in the absence of their parents. In addition to high quality but playful English language education, we place great emphasis on a variety of activities designed to suit the age of the little ones.

Our guiding principle,

is that babies who grow up in a calm, loving and happy atmosphere become happy, balanced, open, helpful and active adults.

Magánbölcsőde Budapesten - BabyGarden
BabyGarden - Magán bölcsőde

We believe that a safe and loving environment is of primary importance, in which our teachers provide the utmost care and attention for the daily lives of the little ones.

For us, every child is an individual, separate personality, and therefore requires individual treatment, differentiated development according to his or her own developmental pace, and this is a must for all adults working for him or her.

The aim of our nursery education is to educate children from an international, multicultural background within one institution, with the aim of teaching them to live together, to belong together, to learn about and respect other cultures and customs, to establish common human values and to live in an environmentally aware way.