​They said about us

Fuji family

Kei & Rei’s mom

“My two children, ages 2 and 4, attended the summer camp. This was my children’s first time in Europe and their first time at a summer camp, and I felt comfortable signing them up because they responded to my questions immediately and politely via email.

The summer camp program was different every day, from dog therapy to pony rides to Hungarian folk dancing. Our bigger son happily told us every day after the summer camp what had happened that day.

We also used WhatsApp for daily communication, and they were able to send us photos and videos so we could see how our children was doing.

This is in Japanese, but you can read our blog about the facility’s photos and programs if you would like to see them. https://note.com/bengoshizuma/n/n79862d59a6ef

Thank you for the wonderful experience for my boys this time!”

Léna Lipták and her partner

Emma’s mom
Creative Director of Bespoke Home

“Emma was not yet 2 when she started going to daycare, so the most important thing for us was the homelike environment. On the first day she walked in as if she had always known everyone and everything, so there was no question that this would be a great choice.

The small number of children and the family-like, relaxed environment were the most important things for us. Virág, Hanna and Judit are wonderful teachers and Emma loves every minute she gets to spend with them. She attends 3 times a week, but they are fantastically flexible, so if our week just happens to work out, we can go the other two days as well. Flexibility also applies to the opening hours, which is also reassuring. For us, the most important thing is that Emma is not one child in a hundred, but that we really see her developing and being balanced. And that is what BabyGarden means to us.

Thank you for being there for us and especially for Emma.”

Chanel Kertész

Hanna’s mom

„I would like to thank the whole BabyGarden team for everything they have given us. Thank you for always being able to leave Hanna with complete peace of mind, without any doubts, knowing that she was perfectly safe. Thank you for all the care, love and attention, which we never lacked. We were enriched with lots of stories and games. We have met wonderful people/children and been part of a fantastic team, which we must now leave with a sad heart, but I hope not forever and that we will see each other again, even if only at the sleepover parties! Many kisses!”

Bea Török

Mius’ mom
Consumer Marketing Manager at Mac

“While my first daughter was simply “minded” at nursery compared to you, my second daughter is developing at an incredible speed with you. You hug and kiss your little ones a lot, give them a real home away from home. The whole atmosphere is very family-like. Every day my child brings home a new song, a story, and most importantly, she is always greeted with a smile from the teachers in the morning.”

Dóri Nyaka

Lénus’ mom
creator of the Mommies In Style community, stylist, blogger

“…I’ll tell you honestly that when Lena went there, I thought all daycare centres and preschools were like that. Then we stepped out into the world of preschool life, and we had to realize that it was very different. The family-like environment, the small number of children, the mutual openness, the honesty and the love of the children is what made us love going there. Well, I cried when we left, but then I realised that it was almost impossible to find a place like this in a preschool. I’m not against public nurseries/preschools either, but for us it was important to have Lena in a smaller group, where it was easier to watch her and monitor her development. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to parents who are looking for the best place for their child in the 2nd and 12th districts, that is BabyGarden Daycare!”

Zsuzsa Takács-Nagy

Csenge’s mom

„BabyGarden is a fantastic place. Our little girl went here from the age of 5 months to almost a year old. Not only her, but also we loved every minute of it. We were able to leave her there carefree every morning and in the afternoon we returned to a smiling, balanced and happy baby. The staff are professional and kind, the nursery is very well equipped. We will really miss BabyGarden, wish we could take it with us to England!”

Tekla Füzike Filkorné Tóth

Eszti’s mom
Communications assistant

„You can only speak in superlatives about this daycare centre. Wonderful environment, even more wonderful staff. Virág (the owner) can be contacted at any time, in any form (even via social media). The staff here are excellent, both professionally and in terms of personality. Everyone always has a kind word for you. The programmes are varied, useful and developmental. I can only recommend it to those looking for a reliable, child-centred place. It’s not just fun for the baby, it’s a pleasure for the mum too!”

Dia Nagy

Hugó’s mom
Head of Talent Acquisition

„I took my son to BabyGarden when he was 13 months old. Like most parents, with shaking hands and shaking feet. Fortunately, that feeling quickly passed, they were so attentive and helpful.

The whole team worked hard to make the transition quick and smooth. We have loved every day at BabyGarden ever since. At 20 months my little boy is listing his friends’ names, he goes to nursery in the morning with glee and sometimes I can hardly tear him away from the super garden vehicle park to head home. BabyGarden is like a second family.

The mindset and environment were important to me when choosing a nursery. I wanted my little boy to experience a creative and modern environment, there are activities but he can be a kid and play all day long. This is perfectly achieved here. Virág is very enthusiastic about renewing BabyGarden, trying to get the latest and most modern toys, even though she knows that with so many children they get used up quickly. I think every child would deserve a shorter or longer period of time at BabyGarden.”

Barbara Lavati

Olívia’s mom

„Flexibility is an A+, although I don’t know any other nursery from experience, but from what my friends tell me, this one is very adaptable to the needs of the families (when we arrive, how much she sleeps, how much she eats – there is no strict routine, which I think is very important in a nursery.)”

Erika Molnár-Takács and Attila Molnár

Parents of Maja

„Our daughter Maja started attending BabyGarden when she was 15 months old, so the most important thing for us was that she spends her days in a loving, family-like environment, but the philosophy and the mindset of the institution also mattered a lot.
We are grateful forever for the love and attention we have experienced here, thank you for all the activities appropriate to her age and abilities, the music class has become an absolute favourite with her.
We are grateful for the way they guide these little ones and provide them with a safe, family-like environment, both physically and mentally…. and last but not least, they have prepared our ever-smiling little girl for life in kindergarten, so that she can settle in easily, without problems, with a smile and start another important period of her life! BabyGarden is a Wonderland with Wonderful People! Thank you for everything, Virág!”

Kinga Márkus

Lea’s mom
Linguist coordinator, religious scholar

„The first time you look around BabyGarden, you’ll immediately notice the beautiful, welcoming, tasteful environment, the constantly expanding assortment of toys and the high quality equipment. It’s the kind of place every parent wants for their child. But it was for far more important reasons that we decided we wanted our first child, Lea, to come here. The love with which both Virág and her colleagues treat the children every day is extraordinary, it is enough to make even the most anxious parents feel safe to leave their child to play there. Constant development, change and Virág’s new ideas make this family daycare centre diverse and varied. There are great things to do here for toddlers, from pony rides to Toppantó music classes and various other activities.

But what was most important for us was the spirit, which is extremely rare in today’s world and perhaps the greatest treasure of this place. It is a place where children are loved and parents are helped to ensure that their children are constantly developing physically and mentally at this very important age. We are very grateful that our child was able to spend a year here with you before kindergarten!”

Dalma Snead

Robin’s mom

„We signed up for BabyGarden when I was just 5 months pregnant, and it was the best decision we could have made. We we’re looking for a nursery with a small group of children, kind staff so we can be assured while we work, that our daughter is safe and loved and cared for during the day.

We got that and so much more. We had the most fun during these past two years. I got regular updates through photos and videos of all the fun our daughter had: stroking the baby goats and ponies at Piczinke Póniudvar, squealing with laughter at the playground, splashing in the paddling pool, creating arts and crafts, singing and dancing to Gitár Gizi, playing, drawing, making friends. They do regular pyjama parties, how awesome is that? Every day she looked forward to going in and didn’t want to come home.

Sadly, today is our last day at BabyGarden as we’re moving on to the next chapter in our lives. If you’re reading this looking for a nursery, go for it, take our spot! The cool kids go to BabyGarden!”

Colin Snead

Robin’s dad

„To be totally honest, I’m not really sure what a typical day at BabyGarden looks like, but given that every morning my daughter starts chanting “YEAH.. bölcsi, bölcsi, bölcsi, let’s go to bölcsi” (even on a weekend) it must be pretty damn awesome.

They were absolute lifesavers during the pandemic/lockdown fiasco and stayed open, ensuring my daily Zoom meetings stayed hyperactive toddler free. Thank you BG!!!!
Tonight my daughter is enjoying a BabyGarden Pyjama Party sleep over… And I’m enjoying a glass of wine and romantic evening with my wife. Absolute win. Thanks again BG!

On a serious note, the team there are super nice, and in terms of development, our daughter has been leaps and bounds above her peers, and this is totally down to BG’s approach.
Baby Garden rocks!”

Rita Tóth

Lili’s mom
Owner of Ocean Marketing

„The time spent at BabyGarden was a truly special experience. It was as if Lili had been to a theme park for little ones. In addition to having fun, she also learned and developed a lot, coming home from the nursery with a new story or song almost every day. Thanks to the family-like atmosphere and the stimulating environment, I always knew that Lili was in good hands while I was at work. BabyGarden is not an average daycare centre; you can feel that Virág puts her heart and soul into beautifying and improving it to create the best environment for the little ones. We were sorry that we couldn’t stay longer at BabyGarden because it was a real experience for us parents and for Lili! We are grateful and will always be grateful that Lili’s first social experience was with such a wonderful place.”

Dorka Horváth

Simon’s mom
founder and CEO of BOOKR Kids

„Ideally, a daycare centre is like an extended home where safety and love meet. It provides the stability on which a child can build. We chose BabyGarden Daycare because here, professionalism and love for children provide a great foundation for true building and development. It is a great joy and relief to know that our 16-month-old son is in the best hands. Especially as a working mum, which is an everlasting emotional rollercoaster. I highly recommend Virág’s miracle institution to all conscious parents!”

Jenny & Neil

Grayson’s parents from Africa

“BabyGarden Daycare has really exceeded my expectations, they take really good care of my son! They are great with communication, they keep me updated throughout the day on my son’s care, they are really informative and have great and positive attitudes.

The daycare is really clean, organized and it is a SPECTACULAR learning centre. I always felt that my baby was happy, healthy, safe, and LOVED. This daycare has the best, most caring, and loving teachers.

The administration is also great! I can’t say enough how much my family and our son love this place. Wish I could give more stars than 5! In only a few months my son grew more independent and his communication skills have grown drastically.

If you are looking for a good fit for your child, I would recommend you to take a tour with BabyGarden Daycare.”

Danielle and Tomas

Sofia Lilla’s parents

“From the very first minute, we knew that BabyGarden is the place where our little girl will be in good hands. The place with bright, tastefully furnished rooms and two courtyards rather gives the feeling of being guests at relatives’ or friends’ homes than at a daycare center.

It also contributes to this that the daycare manager, Virág, and her mother, whom the children and parents simply call Mom, are very kind, approachable, and generous ladies, for whom spending time with children means not only work but also a calling, and this can also be said about their colleagues. They always found time for sincere conversations, gave advice when needed, and reassured at other times that “this behavior at this age is completely normal” 🙂

There are plenty of developmental programs to choose from, and special attention should be paid to those activities that help parents relax, such as weekend events or pajama parties. Our little girl loved coming here and developed a lot. In BabyGarden, it always felt like we weren’t even in Hungary 🙂

We warmly recommend the daycare to everyone, and we wish Virág and Mom lots of strength, health, and perseverance to maintain this fantastic place for a long time to come. Thank you! Danielle, Sofia Lilla, and Tomas.”